“I had to have that book… I didn’t stop for food. I didn’t stop to pee.” Natalie Baszile, The Millions

“Last March, Rose interviewed author David Payne, whose new memoir, Barefoot to Avalon, had just been released…The next morning, I headed to my local bookstore to see if they had any copies. No luck, the clerk said. They’d sold out…. I had to have that book. So, I downloaded the audio version and listened for the entire six-hour drive to Los Angeles the next day and for the entire six-hour drive back. I didn’t stop food. I didn’t stop to pee. I just stared through the windshield and gripped the steering wheel, carried along the twisting path of Payne’s wrenching narrative ..By the time I got back to San Francisco, my dashboard light was blinking. I had less than a mile’s worth of gas left in my tank. When my hard cover arrived, I sat down with a cup of tea and started at page one. I already knew the story, but now I needed to absorb it. That’s how good this book is.” –Natalie Baszile